Thursday, 7 November 2019

Long Closed +168 Points Profit

Disclaimer: This is my personal trading diary, it is for information purposes only and is not financial or investment advice. I am not qualified to provide financial advice.

Small Print: You don’t know how much capital I have, and I don’t know how much capital you have. Plan your trades, trade your plan and above all manage your risk. I don’t use stop losses but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

I opened a FTSE 100 long position at 7251.8 not long after the previous blog post as the market dropped. I closed that long this morning at 7420 prior to the markets opening. This tweet shows the entry and exit dates.

The change in trend and subsequent move up was quicker than I was expecting so no opportunity to add to that initial position, but I'm very happy with that profit in only five trading days.

Finally, here are my actual percentage gains over the last 5 years and this year to 1st November 2019, applied to a fictional starting fund (these do not represent my own invested funds) to demonstrate the power of being patient and compounding returns.

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