Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sy Harding's Stock Market Seasonal Timing Strategy Buy Signal!

Back in April I wrote a post (here) outlining Sy Harding's Seasonal Timing Strategy's buy and sell signals. Sy Harding’s buy and sell rules are as follows:

Buy Signal:

1. Buy on October 16th if MACD is bullish.

2. Wait for bullish MACD signal if MACD is not bullish on October 16th.  

Sell Signal:

1. Sell on April 20th if MACD is bearish
2. Wait for a bearish MACD signal if MACD is not bearish on April 20th.
So, 16th October 2016 has passed, and you can see below that the Dow Jones Industrial Average MACD has just turned positive. That means we got our buy signal on 19th October 2016.
 The DJIA closed at 18096.27 on 20th April 2016 and 18202.62, a gain of 0.6%. There will be some people who view this paltry gain as evidence of why this strategy is flawed. But had you sold and gone away, you would have avoided 6 months of equity risk and possibly made gains elsewhere.
This is a rare strategy that continues to work year after year despite most investors being well aware of it.