Saturday, 3 November 2012

The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle

The 17.6 Year Stock Market cycle is a new book by Kerry Balenthiran that is being published by Harriman House on 25th February 2013. Click on the cover to view a PDF sample.

From the introduction:

"A cycle is a sequence of events that repeat over time. The outcome won't necessarily be the same each time, but the underlying characteristics are the same. A good example is the seasonal cycle. Each year we have spring, summer, autumn and winter, and after winter we have spring again. But the weather can, and does, vary a great deal from one year to another.

The identification of a 17-18 year stock market cycle is nothing new, but I have discovered a stock market cycle consisting of increments of 2.2 years that I have extrapolated back over 100 years. I have called this cycle, rather modestly (and, after all, if has to be called something), the Balenthiran Cycle and that is the subject of this book."



Commodity Cycles
Business Cycles A Historical Perspective
Business Cycles A Modern Psychological Perspective
Balenthiran 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle
  • Part I: Bull Market 1982 to 2000
  • Part II: Bear Market 1929 to 1947
  • Part III: Bull Market 1947 to 1965 and Bear Market 1965 to 1982
  • Part V: Bear Market 2000 to 2018
How to Trade the Balenthiran 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle

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